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Get the peace of mind, knowing your family has access to what they need.

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A Simple and Secure Solution

Simple to Use

With Heir Tight, it is simple to upload, save, and share documents and files that are important to you.

Peace of Mind

Security is our highest priority to keep your information and files safe. We use industry-leading technology to create the ideal platform to keep your sensitive documents and information secure.

Accessible from Anywhere

With Heir Tight, you can access and manage all of your stored documents and files from anywhere, on any device.

Easy to Organize and Share

Store Everything That Is Important

Organizing everything that is important to you is easy, we will start you off with a few suggested folders, but you can create personalized folders and easily move files to other folders.

Easy to Share

Once your files are uploaded to Heir Tight, you can choose what can be accessed and by whom. If anything happens to you, your loved ones can access the information that they will need, when they need it.

Who is Heir Tight?

Heir Tight solves the problem of worrying and hassling with paperwork. All of your important information and files are stored and organized in one place, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

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Keep the things that are important for you to share with people who are important to you.

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